5M Home Builder is proud to offer a variety of services. We have a wide range of experience and can tailor our services to meet your exact needs.


Custom Home Building


Choosing a builder is one of the most important decisions you will make in the process of building your new custom home. 5M will help you through the building process. We pay special, attention to detail and making the building process an enjoyable experience.

The excitement of walking through a new custom home while admiring the design and style is exciting; however, it is equally important the structure and materials that is the foundation of the house. With energy efficient practices to optimize overall house performance, using quality materials for building the structure and exceptional work of each subcontractor, 5M is committed to building a home that exceeds all expectations and performs for years to come.

5M takes great pride in their attention to each detail in each home. This attention begins at the very first meeting with you. With thoughtful design and teamwork on the overall layout of the home, a unique custom design is achieved to meet the homeowner’s needs and wishes.

We are committed to making your home building process an enjoyable experience. At the beginning, we can work with your architect or match you with an architect who will compliment your style, overall vision and budget. 5M continues this team approach with the homeowner during the budgeting and bidding of the project. It is important to us to be respectful of your budget. Our open book pricing policy allows you to know the breakdown of your budget and feel comfortable with the final cost.

The ease of building with 5M continues with constant and open communication, which is essential throughout the entire project. Whether you have a question about materials, current happenings at the jobsite, or your budget, we are always available to you. Respectful, relationships between 5M and the subcontractors keeps your jobsite, efficient and on schedule which keeps your project on budget. Our daily involvement with your project provides you with peace of mind, making your home building experience enjoyable.





Renovation is an art. What this means, is that our work blends in so perfectly that the upgrade looks like a continuation of the original home. Renovation should merely be an extension of what’s in place –not just expanded and/or upgraded.


Over the past years we have renovated small and large homes. 5M  has the experience in all design styles. Regardless of the job, we apply the same care to each home we renovate. We manage the renovation process in a totally transparent and organized system that keeps our clients informed and the project efficient.


5M takes particular sensitivity to preserving what is good in the existing structure, and blending in the new work, so that the house becomes enhanced. Renovation is a team effort, with architects, sub-contractors, and clients joining forces to take something current and turn it into something new and wonderful.


The same attention to detail in our custom homes is applied to our remodels.






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